Collage Jewelry

In the current issue of Jewelry Affaire you’ll find some cozy jewelry that I created using
colorful felted balls of wool:

to create this:

And scraps of felted wool (leftover from bigger projects using recycled wool sweaters) along with other scraps and hand stamped metal tags to create these:

In keeping with my love of using recycled materials, I created these necklaces using vintage mini-tins (these tins were originally used to store tiny watch parts.)  My necklaces are collaged on both sides…having options is good, right?

I usually prefer to create things in pairs or trios…stopping after making just one doesn’t feel quite as satisfying.  How about you, do you like to make things in multiples as well?

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  1. theresa

    Congrats – the jewelry is lovely!

    October 10th, 2010

  2. elk

    it is such a treat to visit and see your happy artistic pieces..i have to smile as I too create in groups..especially the blocks and birds…it is comforting in a way

    October 10th, 2010

  3. They are beautiful. Thank you for the constant reminder that I don’t need to rush out and buy something to start, finish or perfect a project. You know, I do usually make things in multiples. I think it takes the pressure off to plan to make more. Sometimes if you force too many design elements into one piece, you lose the vision. Have a great Sunday.

    October 10th, 2010

  4. becky,
    like always, the
    jewelry is just
    beautiful! i so
    love the pretty
    goodness you
    create with your

    no, i am not
    a big fan of
    mass production…
    i totally have to
    move on to
    the next thing!

    happy day!

    October 10th, 2010

  5. I love these Becky! Is that magazine a new publication from Stampington? I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m at Barnes & Noble.


    October 10th, 2010

  6. Thanks for the sweet words ladies. And Jeanne, to answer your question, Jewelry Affaire is relatively new (this is the second issue – published by Stampington.) I believe you can get a copy of the premier issue at or it might still be available at the bookstores too.

    October 10th, 2010

  7. These are just beautiful and I love that you use recycled items. These jewellery pieces have such a happy feel to them. I love to make cards but I like to make multiples and put them together as gift sets. You’re right stopping at one just doesn’t seem right.
    love me 🙂

    October 10th, 2010

  8. I agree – I like to make multiples, too! It just makes sense if I have my supplies out to keep going – especially if I’m really excited about something I’m making. I love these necklaces – especially that you have used “leftovers” and “scraps” – wonderful!!

    October 10th, 2010

  9. Hi Becky, I just love this type of jewelry! Now I’ll have to pick up a copy of yet another Stampington publication! (I think I have them all) 🙂

    October 11th, 2010

  10. hi dear becky…
    back from brave girls camp.
    it was AMAZING.
    you have inspired me once again….i LOVE the heart necklaces.
    a girl can never have too many necklaces right.

    October 11th, 2010

  11. Becky, these are fabulous! I just love the one with the little string tied around it! Clever!!
    Hugs, Diane

    October 11th, 2010

  12. Ivy

    As usual, you have created amazing jewellry, I just love the watch tin necklaces. On this Thanksgiving morning, as I have my quiet time before a busy day, I am grateful for so many things, and people who have touched my life, including you.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    October 11th, 2010

  13. Becky,
    Beautiful bounty of necklaces~ I love the heart ones and the tiny lip gloss tins…so cute! What wonderful gifts…I can see why making them in batches would be fun. I may do this for Christmas gifts for my
    daughter’s friends. What a unique sentiment and heARTfilled gift!!!

    October 11th, 2010

  14. Thanks Ellen, and just to clarify…the tiny tins are vintage (used to hold old watch parts.)

    October 11th, 2010

  15. It is still in bookstores! Great article Becky! I am in it too and so excited!

    October 11th, 2010

  16. i saw your name and creations in this magazine and started doing the happy dance. no mam, i sure did not care who saw me. ; ) lol i am so proud of you. what beautiful jewelry.
    big smile!

    October 11th, 2010

  17. beautiful Becky,

    these are just gorjuss….your creative prowess never ceases to amaze me.

    i am back from brave girls and trying to get plugged back in!!!

    sending you hugs and smooches

    (ps…if you can ever get to BGC….run, don’t walk….think you would LOVE it!)

    October 11th, 2010

  18. These are wonderful Becky! Filled with all the things I love … wooly bits, recycled bits and bobs, hearts and birdies!

    Happy Tuesday,

    October 12th, 2010

  19. Oh, these are so cute! I love the hearts! When I make something I really like, I always have to make more. I love it when I finish something and stand back and look at it smiling and think to myself, I just made that! Love that feeling. My class at Art & Soul was wonderful, don’t why I was so nervous about it. Thank you for your kindness on my blog.
    Much Love,

    October 13th, 2010

  20. Beautiful creations….gosh your talent knows no bounds!

    Have a great weekend, Loribeth

    October 14th, 2010

  21. That tiny transfer, on the necklace, is exquisite!

    October 15th, 2010

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