Spirited Legs

Over the weekend my family and I visited Mystic, CT.  It was so lovely getting away.  And on Easter Sunday we walked all around the Mystic Seaport (maritime museum in a historic town setting).  While we were there, these candy colored, stripey legs (belonging to a very adorable 5 year old who was enjoying an exhibit beside us) caught my eye.  And she had a sassy kind of energy to match these bold socks…I picked up on this as I  eavesdropped while she was chatting with one of the docents.  This little gal seemed so confident and full of spirit.  I bet she grows up to do big things…possibly something that requires stepping outside of the box…and maybe something that no one else has done yet.

Speaking of pioneering women, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the first time women were officially allowed to run the Boston Marathon (which starts here in my hometown of Hopkinton). Here’s a picture of this spirited group, before that historic run.

Friday night (April 13th) several of the women who ran in 1972, plus the first woman to ever run Boston (in 1966) will be in town at an event to celebrate their achievement.  If you’re in the area come by and mingle with these trendsetters and hear their stories in a round table discussion hosted by WBZ-TV’s Lisa Hughes.  You can get tickets for $5 (supporting a great cause)…hope to see you there.

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  1. Love your take on the little girl in the stripped socks…too cute! What a great photo of those women in the marathon. Hope there’s a great turn out for them on Friday!

    April 9th, 2012

  2. laura huffman

    momentous run. not my thing- wish it were, but I just can’t push myself to expend all that energy… and joints won’t take that abuse either. but oh so cool for anyone who does. that’s a long run. love those tights!
    hope your weather is as good there as it is here. beautiful spring time. flowers are blooming in the bush. dandelions are popping their heads out to soak up the sun, along with daffodils, and other spring bulbs. enjoy.

    April 9th, 2012

  3. What a great photo of little girl’s legs! It’s amazing how one simple and ordinary thing can leads us to think about all the possibilities and “what if’s”. I wonder what her story will be. Hope it will be exciting and filled with amazing things. 🙂

    April 10th, 2012

  4. Seriously, Becky? Women didn’t used to be allowed to run the marathon? What was with THAT! Thank goodness for change! 🙂 Not that I’m planning any marathons! lol

    Love the socks too.

    XO Diane

    April 11th, 2012

  5. I love this post! Sharing the boldness and spirit of those who pave the way of change~ The gamble of taking a risk and moving forward… how inspiring this all is. I agree I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to run?!
    Love the socks, they make me smile! I’m glad you shared 😀

    April 11th, 2012

  6. Love those tights, I used to put my daughter in stripey tights and she always seemed to jump higher and run faster in them. 🙂 That’s interesting about the lady runners! Bet they have stories to tell. Have a great weekend!

    April 14th, 2012

  7. Olive

    Love Mystic Seaport-especially at Christmas when they have the annual carol sing, the candlelight tours and the Bethlehem Star program at the planetarium. I’m fortunate to live close. If you go back in the fall, check out the cider mill located a couple of miles down the road. Another great place. The tights are cute! Thanks for sharing.

    April 16th, 2012

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