Bracelet of Branches and Soft Sky

It’s that time of year again, when the light begins to lesson and fade.  Admittedly, this darkening of days is not my favorite.  I much more prefer the bright energy of a full sun, which I realize is not possible to have all year round.  So, to compensate, I try to create my own kind of internal sunshine…by creating. 

Below is a bracelet that I made.  I like how the golden cast of the afternoon light brings out the warm beauty of the beads.


As the light changes, the bracelet slightly changes…to this…


…and then to this.


The branches all around me are starting to strip down, revealing their strong brown color…limbs reaching outward and up…


…towards the sky of softening light.


Brown for branches and blue for sky…this combination is both soft and strong…and soothing.  I have a feeling I’ll be using these natural, quiet colors a lot these next months.  And you, what colors feel right to you now?








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  1. laura H

    love the bracelet. Our trees are keeping their leaves so we can rake them when it’s really cold. Punishment for a nice fall? Yellows, and browns, blues, and greens, and a touch of red or orange.
    Have a beautiful week, hopefully full of sunshine and joy.

    October 26th, 2014

  2. Mindy

    So pretty! makes me want to make one too. Colors that feel right to me?? turquoise and silver

    October 26th, 2014

  3. Jani Howe

    What a beautiful piece of art, Becky! And seeing it in various lights is amazing. I know how you feel about light, I need good light to work on my things, and having shorter days means I must start earlier and work faster. The color of some of the beads, by the way, looks like pewter, and I’ve always thought of pewter as an autumn color. Wish I could see the trees around you right now. Take photos and let us see, us who live down here in the desert where we don’t get real “Fall”. Our trees just turn brown and the leaves go plonk on the ground!

    October 26th, 2014

  4. Linda K

    what a beautiful bracelet Becky. I love how your art reflects not just your heart but also the colors of changing seasons.

    October 26th, 2014

  5. Ann Marie

    I love those colors but you hit the spot with the bit of blue … that is my FAVORITE!!!! Willing to sell it???

    October 28th, 2014

  6. Becky Shander

    Ann Marie,
    I’m so happy to know that you like the bracelet…thank you for the compliments. And I’m flattered that you’re interested in buying it. However, this one’s not for sale (I used some silver beads that have personal meaning to me).

    October 29th, 2014

  7. Oh how I do love the energy of the sun and days with longer hours of light. However I am truly trying to embrace each season since I live in them. Your bracelet is stunning and the way the lights and shadows catch each bead is true Creative Bliss. Wear it Proudly Dear…

    October 30th, 2014

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