Sharing Wishes and Hope

On this day after Thanksgiving I feel good.  Good that the sun is shining (such a treat, especially after the snow storm that we had two days ago) and also good that there’s a whole weekend ahead of us…to unwind, and also to gather my thoughts.  Thoughts of Christmas…thoughts about what gifts to make or buy, what special treats to cook/bake and thoughts about how to spend the holidays in general.

To begin this season of celebration, I thought I’d share a couple of things with you (you’ve all been on my mind too).  Below you’ll see two necklaces that I made…


…one on wishes…


…and one having to do with hope (I think by now most of you know that I associate feathers with hope).


Both necklaces are up for grabs.  To enter a chance to win simply leave a comment to this post (please specify which necklace you’d like) by next Saturday, December 6th and I’ll be back the next morning to announce the two winners.  For this giveaway I’ll be drawing a random winner from 2 hats (1 hat for each necklace).

In the meantime, happy “wishes” and I “hope” all is well with you and yours.


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  1. laura Huffman

    These are so lovely. Hope your Thanksgiving was special. I would choose the feather/ hope necklace. I always pick up feathers too. Have a good week.

    November 29th, 2014

  2. I always check in with your blog to see how you are coming along and to my wonderful surprise here you are offering your beautiful necklaces. Wishes and Hope…two very important parts of life. I suppose if I were to choose I would select Wishes as this is a magical time of year and I do believe in Wishes coming true. You are such a generous bright light my friend. Savor the Magic of this Season. Sharing Joy and Peace…

    November 29th, 2014

  3. Patti Parks

    They are both beautiful & I truly love the Wish upon a Star necklace! I enjoy reading your posts & seeing what you are making pretty. Best wishes for a long weekend & Happy Holidays!

    November 29th, 2014

  4. How sweet of you, Becky! I love reading your posts and would love to own one of your necklaces. The feather/hope one is my favorite. Thank you for your generosity. May you and your family enjoy a beautiful Christmas season.

    November 29th, 2014

  5. Marilyn DiPasquale

    Your creations are always lovely. The wish necklace is my favorite.

    November 29th, 2014

  6. Becky both necklaces are so special but I think I would like to have the Hope one. I’m glad you are enjoying this weekend after thanksgiving in a quiet way instead of buying into all the commercial frenzy. Have a truly blessed weekend with your family!

    November 29th, 2014

  7. Erin

    Both necklaces are so, so lovely. I can appreciate them a little differently now because I’ve just started into the world of “creating special jewelry pieces” Wirework is really calling me and I’m enjoying the process slowly working and learning the new techniques. I love your Wish Upon a Star necklace on so many levels. Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend with your family.

    November 29th, 2014

  8. Melanie Legrand

    Hi Becky! What beautiful necklaces. I love the both, but I especially love “wish upon a star”. I love the idea of wishes, hope, dreams… It keeps me going everyday. Hope and wishes of what’s to come. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! Melanie

    November 29th, 2014

  9. Mindy

    Wish upon a star is my favorite! Every time I see a falling star I make a wish. Crazy huh? Takes me back to my childhood…..laying on the grass at night watching the stars.

    November 29th, 2014

  10. Fonda Rush

    The feather necklace is my choice. They are both so very special. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    November 29th, 2014

  11. BlondieMe

    Wish upon a star at night and see the beauty in the skies! Wishing you a magical holiday season!

    November 29th, 2014

  12. Hi Becky, I’ve been admiring your work for awhile now and I love your blog posts ~ they are fun to look forward to.

    Especially in this season of hope, I love the wish necklace best; and I’m intrigued by your use of Mica, it’s such an enduring substrate.

    Thank you for bringing us into your heart and world through your blog posts.

    Chef Laura Whalen

    November 29th, 2014

  13. Cindy Langston

    I love the feather necklace, it really caught my eye! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

    November 29th, 2014

  14. Dear Becky,

    It’s lovely to see more of your creative work and hear from you. I agree, there is so much that we have to be thankful for and 1st on my list is family, then health.

    I’m also happy that I got the fire under control in my friend’s oven on Thanksgiving day. The turkey dinner would have looked like a Chevy Chase Christmas movie. It was a very entertaining few minutes with everyone opening windows and fanning the smock out.

    Now about your generous offer, I love the “Wish Upon a Star” necklace. The song has special meaning to me. So, when you draw from that big hat, think Louie Coletti. He was my grandfather and always sang it to me.

    All the best to you and Belated Happy Thanksgiving,


    November 29th, 2014

  15. Maggie Ripperger

    Hi Becky,
    I remember a couple of unbreakable rules from childhood: never tell a lie and never play with bird feathers found on the ground cause they could have bird cooties. Oh, the fun I missed out on. I gather feathers now without regard to the cooties, but the only lie I tell is a little white lie like “No, those pants don’t make your rear look big.” However, I also grew up outside a lot and always without fail wished on the first star I saw not knowing it was probably Venus or Jupiter! I would pick the Wish upon a star necklace if my name were drawn. Thanks.

    November 29th, 2014

  16. Jeanette in Illinois

    How thoughtful and generous of you, sharing your glorious creations with us. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Of course.

    The “Wish Upon A Star” really speaks to me…I love star gazing and truly appreciate the expansive sky we have here in central IL, it’s so clear I can see the Milky Way and satellites gliding by, so special. However, when I look up at the stars, I think of my Mom, who I lost three years ago and the lovely Eskimo sentiment…

    Blessings to you! So grateful for the beauty you bring to our world.

    November 29th, 2014

  17. jane smith

    Both of these necklaces are full of light and delight! I would love to wear something that you made for the holiday season. I would love “Wish upon a star” – I have a secret reason for loving stars. Thank you! Jane

    November 29th, 2014

  18. Oh , i Will win the tag with the feather ….
    I love it so much .
    But , the Netherlands are so far away .
    Love Rini

    November 29th, 2014

  19. Sue

    Well Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We, here in Canada, have had ours already. Lots to be thankful, too much to list. I do hope you had great food and family time.
    I love all your work, so I am going to leave this one up to you Becky. I like both pieces. 🙂 I found a feather from a Blue Heron this year and hope to use it on a canvas somehow.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win either one of these lovely pieces.
    Victoria, BC

    November 29th, 2014

  20. Linda K

    Both necklaces are so lovely Becky-but it’s the one with the feather that really resonates with me. Thank you for a chance to own one of your beautiful necklaces. I have been thinking of you too. With much gratitude for you, and the joy and light you spread with your words and art.

    November 29th, 2014

  21. Last Minute Lynn

    Wish on a Star is such a magical thought from our childhoods when we were so innocent. A beautiful reminder of simpler, precious times. Your work is always so lovely that it warms to heart just to look at it. Best holiday wishes, Becky.

    November 30th, 2014

  22. di@Cottage-Wishes

    When you wish upon a star, makes no differance where you are!! So sweet of you to do these. I would pick wish on a star. What a wonderful Thanksgiving giveaway. Di@Cottage-wishes

    November 30th, 2014

  23. Denise Howard

    These are beautiful Becky! As always your generosity is so precious! If I were to win, I would “hope” for the “Hope” necklace. As Emily Dickinson said, “Hope is a thing with wings.” Thank you.

    November 30th, 2014

  24. I just spent an hour looking at your gallery & all of the magazine articles – OMG… you are amazingly talented! I love all of your work and am ‘wishing upon a star’ that I might win your ‘wish’ necklace! What a wonderful thing to do…

    December 1st, 2014

  25. Ann Marie

    Oh my gosh, I “wish” and “hope” that I win one of these beauties!!!!! You know how much I love (hoard) your stuff!! xo

    December 2nd, 2014

  26. Tina zappone

    I love feathers, too. Just found a beautiful black one yesterday. If I’m lucky enough to win, I would like to have the feather necklace.

    December 2nd, 2014

  27. Holly Riedel

    Becky, I have several zines with your work in them. All are truly lovely.
    They are both amazing necklaces but my chose would be the feather necklace.
    Thank you for being so generous.

    December 3rd, 2014

  28. Both necklaces are lovely, Becky! I gotta pick the star one. Growing up with a father who wore a Texaco star by day and later showed movie stars on a silver screen-I sure do love stars!

    I love feathers, too!

    I hope you are doing well~ I wish you lived closer, no I wish I did~
    Someday on a beach filled with stars-starfish that is and lots of feathers!

    December 4th, 2014

  29. Mim

    Oh I hope I am just in time to enter still!

    December 6th, 2014

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