Fall Rainbow

Once again, I did not plan on being away from my blog for so long.  Life’s been busy-busy so I haven’t been able to make it back here.  And if you don’t mind, I thought I’d back up a bit…to share with you some Fall beauty…

…starting from my kitchen window.


A day or so later, on the other side of the house, a rainbow showed up.


If you look closely you might be able to see that this was a double-rainbow.  I know it’s hard to tell with the afternoon light.



This unexpected sign of hope seemed to literally come to our front door.  And it felt like the sky was smiling down on us.  Magic seemed to be everywhere…in the sky, on the trees, on the ground…you could even smell it in the air.


Amongst the background of rust and amber colored leaves, there were surprising pops of pink.


This mix of warm and welcoming Fall colors inspired the batch of bracelets (shown below).  And the necklace was inspired by thoughts of “love”.  Love is always on my mind.





This month, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Giving thanks for our earth, our homes, our nourishment, our health, our every breath…Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.


Yes, this holiday is about giving thanks and to me, this holiday is about giving in general.  Giving to our loved ones, our friends and even to strangers in need…or simply giving a smile to whomever and wherever.  Giving is good and giving is love.

This month I may be absent again from my blog, because there are some people I’m close to who need my support.  They are the reason why I haven’t been able to be here as much.  I wish I could do it all, but I know I can’t…so for now I have to choose.

Just recently, a wise friend of mine (whom I met through my blog, and am so thankful for) gave me good advice.  She said “loved ones first”…which was exactly the encouragement I needed…to know that I was choosing the right thing…at least for me it is.  Although I can’t do it all, I can try to do my best.  My best for my loved ones…and I hope that this will be enough.






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  1. Jeanette in Illinois

    Another absolutely beautiful post, from the eye candy photography and amazing colors to your always, heartfelt message. PLUS, the most beautiful collection of jewelry – my heart is a flutter…

    I’ll be holding you gently in my heart, especially this month and although we’ll miss you, know we understand and hope all will be well, positive and as it should be…

    Sending hugs and love and gratitude for the beauty, grace and light you share with us.

    November 7th, 2014

  2. Becky,

    I second everything that Jeanette so eloquently said! She’s a very wise lady.

    Also, Family comes first and like you, I think most of us are trying to juggle too many things in our lives and I have found that finding balance is only a meditation away.

    Becky, your rainbow photo reminded me of a double one that Tom and I observed on our drive to Montreal in Oct. for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Now here’s the magic of our rainbow, we drove right through the end of it where it hit the freeway. I thought I’d hear angels sing, or a little Irish jingle, but the moment passed in awed silence. I never imagined there actually was a physical place where a rainbow ended. I felt like mother nature gave us a precious gift, but her gifts are all around us.

    I wish you balance and harmony in your life & a very special Thanksgiving celebration with the people who bless your life.

    Hugs to you,

    November 8th, 2014

  3. Last Minute Lynn

    I love how you combined different beads in your jewelry! Some of the combinations, I would have never thought of and they work beautifully. I always look forward to your posts…whenever you have time to post them!

    November 9th, 2014

  4. Becky Shander

    Thank you for the kind words and good energy ladies…it’s much appreciated!

    November 10th, 2014

  5. Ann Marie

    Wow! What a beautiful view you get to enjoy every day — doesn’t that make all the difference in the world when you can look out your window and see that lush beauty? Fall, spring, snow …… just bliss. Your friends are lucky to have you — ME included!!!!

    November 10th, 2014

  6. Melanie LeGrand

    Hi Becky, I just wanted to you to know that I always enjoy your posts and I love your art. Your work has inspired me in many areas of my own art. Your personal story of your family and the travels you took to see your parents was very moving. You seem to have a soft spoken-ness (is that a word? 😉 ) about you to which I can relate, and you seem like a thoughtful person to which I can truly appreciate 😉 I’m sad to hear you may not have time for posts, but also I admire that you put family first. When you are ready, I will be waiting to hear about your experiences and enjoy your art again.

    November 12th, 2014

  7. laura Huffman

    Love your bracelets, and the photos. Do you call to whomever is in the house when you see a rainbow? Come see the rainbow. I’ve even received phone calls from my husband when he sees one and knows I’ll be able to as well.
    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for you and your loved ones. Hope all is well, and that you’re able to help as much as possible. We all appreciate it when someone takes the time to help. Will keep checking in to see how you’re doing.

    November 12th, 2014

  8. This is the time of year that we must honor our personal priorities. Family and loved ones are definitely first. You are such a dear to think of others and give them the care and love they need. All else can wait. Healing LIght and Love…

    November 13th, 2014

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