Patriotic Picture

Hi there…just popping in to share a few patriotic-themed photos with you.  I came across this shop a few days ago while I was in downtown Provincetown, MA.


As you can see there was an abundance of red, white and blue in the above scene…and what a fun coincidence that the woman in the photo is wearing a bright blue shirt.  I wish the focus on my camera was better though.

Luckily, the focus was more clear in the photo below…and so is the message…


…which speaks of “Love and Happiness”.  And the peace sign at the heart of the flag completes the picture perfectly.

We all need freedom and we all need love…to be happy…to have peace.  From my “Loveland” to yours,  Happy 4th of July…a day to celebrate independence and freedom.  And a day to celebrate our oneness as well.


Note:  The photo above was also taken in Provincetown.  So much love in one place…how fantastic is that!







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  1. laura H

    always a good message to give and receive. looks like a fun place to explore. enjoy the weekend. Happy 4th. (I know it’s late).

    July 5th, 2014

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