Cups of Love and Joy

I’m not quite ready for Winter to begin yet, but I LOVE the peaceful and frosty-looking, Wintry artwork by Kim Henkel on the cover of the new issue of Somerset Studio (Nov/Dec).


Inside this issue you’ll also see my cup collages.  Here’s a look at the blue one.


Just a touch of floral mesh fabric and hand stitched knots gives the tabletop some dimension and a lady-like feel.


Doesn’t the word “savor” just make you want to slow down?  I like taking it slow and easy and prefer not to rush.


Here’s a look at a cup that I drew and painted in faint lines and very soft colors.



Here’s a better view of the “love” message on the side.  Behind this message you can see a spot of my next cup collage…


…here’s a better view of it.  This piece is about “drinking in the joy”, and to me the color of joy is yellow…sunny yellow, which is why I chose to use this cheerful color as the base for my cup.


And here’s a closeup of the area where I used more floral mesh fabric along with some melted beeswax for texture and subtle dimension.  By the way, the floral mesh fabric is from an old curtain that used to hang in Brook’s room (a good example of why I like to save things!)


Again, I added a message…something that always seems to happen during the process.  I’m not sure why, but the words always just seem come.


I suppose that when the words are good-natured and optimistic, I’m happy to let them just flow.  Sending more loving and joyful thoughts into the world is perfectly fine with me.


If you’d like to learn how to create these cups, I’ve included the specific how-to instructions within my article.  Here’s a link to the Somerset Studio issue again.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and see you again next week…and thanks for stopping by!













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  1. Laura

    oh I need a cup of something to enjoy while I blog hop along. Yours is the first place I stop to what’s going on. lovely canvases, and ideas. I have a hard time throwing things away too. not to the point of hoarding yet, but my material stash is quite large. quilting is on the list of to dos for the winter. enjoy your weekend too. cheers

    October 25th, 2013

  2. ann marie

    Oh Becky! Oh my gosh these cups are SO beautiful! I’m in absolute love with them!!! Great job! And nobody is happier about winter arriving than me!! Bring it on!!! xo

    October 26th, 2013

  3. Jani Howe

    Here you go again, with these lovely teacups!! Just this week, I was thinking of what to do with my Stampington cup template on a card for a customer who buys mostly get-wells and sympathies. Now you’ve given me some ideas! I can always count on you, Becky! I’ll look for you first in my new Somerset Studio, too!

    Love and joy!

    October 26th, 2013

  4. Mindy

    Another beautiful piece of art!! I love Stampington!

    October 26th, 2013

  5. Jeanette in Illinois

    Simply beautiful! You send loving, joyful thoughts into the world with your spectacular creations!!
    I just picked up Somerset, haven’t had a chance to read it yet, now that I know you’re lovelies are in it, it will be an extra treat!
    Sending warm hugs for those frosty days ahead…

    October 27th, 2013

  6. lovely collages with great details!

    October 27th, 2013

  7. Hi Becky! I love how pretty these are~ Yes, savor is a great word! One I love to indulge in this time of year-when we slow down a bit, before the holidays. I can’t wait to see this issue~
    Congrats! I hope to get my issue, next week~

    October 28th, 2013

  8. Linda K

    Hi Becky, I absolutely adore your cup series. The soft tones work so beautifully with your well chosen words. Can’t wait to see and read about them in the latest Somerset issue!

    October 28th, 2013

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