Flowers and Flow

With the warmer weather, I’ve traded in my heavy boots for some easy slip-on shoes.  They’re flowery and so light and comfy, springy…and affordable too (about $15).


You can buy these pretty cotton shoes online at Forever 21.  Brook loves this store since the selection is geared towards teens and young adults, but I like some of their stuff too.  I still feel young at heart.


These girlish shoes make my heart happy…and my feet are pretty happy too.  I love how comfort and style can coexist!  And I like not having to try too hard.

Speaking of not trying too hard, I just started reading the book, “Trying not to Try“.  This book is about “the art and science of spontaneity”.  Early Chinese philosophers understood what is the opposite of what most modern people think – that the best path to happiness and an authentic life is through indirect methods (not through careful reasoning and conscious effort.) They wrote extensively about an effortless way of being in the world, which they called wu-wei (ooo-way). And all of this is being backed up with modern science, and uses clever examples to bring it all together. It’s fascinating!


While I’m on the subject of wellness, on this coming Monday, April 14th, Oprah and Deepak Chopra will be offering a free 21 day guided meditation.  The focus will be on “Finding your Flow”.  Meditating has made me more mindful.  And it’s calming…and sometimes inspiring.

Meditation takes me to a happy place and wearing fun flowery shoes takes me to a happy place.  And then reading books about living with ease and authenticity, brings even more light into my life.  There is lightness everywhere.













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  1. I really love those shoes – will check out the shop!

    April 12th, 2014

  2. Jeanette in Illinois

    What a lovely, serene post and approach to life – which is so authentic to you?

    Love the shoes and your true expression. Fun is good!

    Meditation is powerful and yes, inspiring too! Glad to hear you’re doing good things for yourself, you deserve it!
    Sending you enough light to illuminate your path, but quiet enough for introspection…
    Hugs, Jeanette

    April 13th, 2014

  3. laura H

    fun shoes. when you’re feet are happy, you’re happy. good to be young at heart. reflection is a good thing to make time for. thanks for sharing what you’re reading.
    enjoy your week.

    April 14th, 2014

  4. Flowers and Flow is a wonderful post. You are always such a delight to visit my dear. Love the shoes and they are very happy. Happy Feet! Looks like an interesting read. We could all use more calm in our lives. Creative Mindful Bliss…

    April 14th, 2014

  5. Ann Marie

    Love the shoes! Love the shoes!

    April 15th, 2014

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